Profit Sharing

The first dividend paying crypto asset

$EDN is an innovative crypto asset that introduces the concept of dividend payment into its value.

By holding $EDN, users will receive automatic passive income derived from the profit of Eden. As an AI-powered social layer, our revenue can be generated in the form of $EDN, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currency. This includes revenue generated from platform fees, on-chain transactions, as well as ads revenue. Our team is committed to profit sharing and pledge to share 60% of all of our profits with all $EDN holders. For on-chain profits, holders will be rewarded with crypto assets; and for fiat currency-based profit, we will convert the profit to USDT and distribute it amongst our holders.

Profit will be calculated at the end of each fiscal quarter and be distributed no later than 11:59PM (Eastern Standard Time) on the 20 business days of the following quarter.

Sample calculation:

Assuming there are currently 43,000,000 $EDN in circulation and we made the following profits:

$EDN: 2,000,000

SOL: 2000

USD: 500,000

EUR: 200,000

Profit that will be distributed amongst the holders will be:

$EDN: 1,200,000

SOL: 1200

USD: 300,000

EUR: 120,000

An Eden user that holds $EDN 43,000 will receive the following assets:

$EDN: 1200

SOL: 1.2

USDT: 300 + (120 EUR converted to USD) = 430.12

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