Despite the multi-billion dollar combined market cap of social media companies, we are only sharing 1% of our real selves online due to the design of the current products: gated platforms, single identity, single social graph. This stifles our ability for free expression.

Eden’s vision is to create a platform that finally meets the 99% unsatisfied social needs of people, where users come for the tool and stay for the network, collectively building a global layer zero for online social.

A Tool to Build Connections

AI-powered, find the right people and community with greater accuracy and efficiency

Real Interests, Genuine Community

Engaged communities bounded by common interests. People connect with like-minded people, share real thoughts, and get recognition from their peers.

Place for Self Expression

Content on Eden is 10x more real than traditional platforms as people can talk freely (rant, sarcasm, humor, affirmation, etc.)

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