Browser Plugin

Through tireless efforts, we managed to embed a pre-trained LLM into our browser plugin. Our AI model is capable of analyzing the content of any webpage, including texts, images, and videos. With users’ permissions, our LLM can also analyze users’ social profiles and browsing history, thereby generating even more personalized Circles and recommendations for users.

In our plugin, users will be able to perform the following key functionalities: Circle creation (manual and AI), link webpage to existing Circles, join Circles, and comment on any webpage to any Circles. The creation and joining of Circles has been discussed in the Circle section of this chapter and we will focus on the link and comment feature in this section.

Scrolling down on the plugin’s homepage, users will see a list of Circles they have created/joined, and will be able to link the Circles to this page in just one-click. For both created and joined Circles, users will be able to create comments/posts directly from the page.

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