A Global Layer Zero for Social

Eden is building a global layer zero for social with a system of AI-powered consumer-facing applications and business-facing integrations.

At the very core, Eden is an AI-powered SocialFi platform that allows users to create Circles on any webpage of their interests. Powered by our uniquely pre-trained LLM embedded browser plugin, users will be able to interact with our platform seamlessly while browsing the web. In just one-click, users can execute an analysis of the page and leave a node for other users to interact with.

As users create circles and interact within the community, users will acquire Jade, our unique off-chain point that can be converted into $EDEN, our official token. This is essentially a proof-of-work mechanism whereby users are indexing the entire web and connecting with other users over common interests, or shared community. By turning every single website online into nodes of connection, we are building the global Layer0 for social.

Eden can be understood as a β€œGoogle for People” as it allows users to create or join a circle on any webpage that piques your interests through our browser extension. Users mix and match circles to discover any forms of mutual connections - like how anyone can search for anything on Google

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