Web Indexing & Proof-of-Work

Web indexing is a core concept in users’ journey with Eden. Google built a trillion-dollar empire through algorithmically indexing the web and scraping all useful information to their walled database. While users were able to enjoy the convenience brought forth by these data, they are unable to share even a small piece of profit from the proceeds. With our fully decentralized approach to social media, we want to invite all users to join this indexing process and share the profits fairly.

Whenever a user creates a Circle, either through AI or himself/herself, an analysis is made to this particular webpage and a node is created. This community-driven process is a collaborative effort that will continue to index the web and enlarge the infinitely scalable social graph on Eden. Users are rewarded with Jade whenever they contribute to this indexing process and it can be converted into $EDEN for passive participation in profit-sharing. Users can also stake their $EDEN for increased reward and governance power.

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